Distant Windmill provides software development and architecture services for your game or startup. I know all about setting up highly-available, scalable software using cloud or on-prem hardware. If your studio lacks experienced backend engineers and you’re concerned about your multiplayer launch, consider contacting me to consult. I can advise your team on everything from setting up cloud services, what orchestration tech to use, how to organize your webservices, how to organize your webservices code, and so on.

I think my work speaks for itself. Rocket Arena launched worldwide on 4 platforms, and our backend handled it like a champ. Our main stack was bespoke microservices written in Go, running in a self-provisioned Kubernetes cluster, hosted in AWS. Worked like a charm!

If you’re just launching a new startup, or a new game without a backend, then I’ll start with a deep dive into your current requirements and future plans to design a bespoke backend stack for you.

As a starting point, my preferred stack will look like this:

  • Webservices written in Go. Microservices are neat, but not always needed (or helpful).
  • Services hosted on Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes runs in AWS
  • Use AWS-managed services where possible – databases via RDS, caching via ElastiCache, etc.
  • Monitoring via Grafana